Adding Employee into the program

Before you can setup pays for the employee, you first need to setup their Pay Details.

The Pay information tab does not become live until you tick the Show in Wage Book tick box.


Adding employees

Please use the address book to add an employee into the program.


Add pay details


Once you have added the employees contact details into the address book:


  1. Tick the Show in Wage Book tick box at bottom of the address book
  2. Select the Pay Information tab once it becomes live
  3. Fill in the Pay information for the Employee

    Birth Date : Date of birth for the employee
    Occupation (required) : Type of Employee, select from list
    Date Hired (required) : Important to record for future reference
    Date Finished : If client has finished employment, please fill in
    Bank : The bank account the payments come out of
    Heading : The Wage heading
    Enterprise : The enterprise of you record payments against
    Tax Office Number : Employees IRD number
    Tax Type (required) :  The Type of Tax the Employee is Taxed at
    Tax Code : The code assigned to this Tax Type, ie M SL
    Pay Rate Per Hour : Use if the employee is on Hourly Payment
    Salary : Use if employee is on Salary
    Pay Interval (required) : Time between pays
    Exclude From  IR348 : Tick to exclude from the IR 348 report.
     Start Date : When the employee started Kiwisaver with you
     Enrolment Type (required) : Type of Kiwisaver employement
     Kiwisaver Member : Tick if they recieve kiwisaver
     Employee Contribution Rate :  What rate the Employee contributes to kiwisaver
     Employer Contribution Rate :  What rate the Employer contributes to kiwisaver

    Deductions, Contributions and Allowances are added in the Wagebook
  4. Click the Save button
  5. Click OK button

    Once the Payment details are created, you can start creating pays in the Wagebook

Edit pay details

You can either edit an employees pay directly in the wagebook or edit it in the pay information in the address book.


If you are editing the Pay amount directly, then it does not update the Pay Information in the Address Book.