Budget Reports


Actual and Budget cashflow

This report shows you the yearly cashflow of your budget/cashbook.


Season - Season you want to show
Opening Balance - balance at the start of the period
Budget Figures take over in period - have the budget figures take over in the month of

Actual Budget Variance

Show you a report of the Budget compared with the Actuals (whether you are up or down on budget)


Date From - period to start the comparison from

Date To - period to finish the comparison to

Budget cashflow

Shows you the budget cashflow for a given season


Season - Season for the report to show

Open Balance - Brings through the Opening Balance from the budget module.

Budget details

Shows you more details within a budget season


Season - the season to show the details for


Budget totals

Shows a budget totals for the season selected.


Season - the season to show the totals for