Differences between Landmark 2007 & iAgri Online

If you are a Landmark 2007 or an even earlier user of Landmark Products you may find this page useful as it has some information about the differences between Landmark 2007 & iAgri Online

If you find anything that you would like in the program, please let us know by contacting us



Basics between the programs


Landmark 2007

iAgri Online

Automatic access to 5 datasets

Automatic access to a single dataset. Multiple datasets with separate logins can be added at a cost of $5.00 per data set per month. 

Computing power limited to desktop computer

Unlimited computing power from network of super computers 
Requires operator updating and use of service packs.  Updates and new developments are ongoing and happen automatically without need for user input.

Installs and runs on standalone computer without internet

No installation required. Login to website from any computer or tablet with broadband internet connection.

Requires manual backup of data by the user.

Automatic backup of data

Potential to lose data in event of catastrophe Program and data always safe and available on any network device. 

Manual updates relying on user to implement

Automatic updates

Works on Windows based computers only

Works on any web-capable device, Apple, PC or Android

Single user level of access

Multiple user level of access

Had to send reports or backup to accountant

Provide accountants with a tempory login to dataset.

Input fields are saved automatically Fields require a button to save them to website.
Potential to be corrupted through addition or deletion of other software. No chance of this happening with online program.


Enhancements to iAgri Online


LandMark 2007

iAgri Online

Only Main Headings in the Budget

Choose Main or, Main plus Secondary headings in the budget

Budgeting GST Inclusive or Exclusive values -  decision only allowed once at creation of budget.

When budgeting - User chooses, on the run, whether amounts to be entered include or exclude GST.

Budget "Spread-now" tool deletes any values already in the row

Budgeting "Spread now" tool  allows already added values in the row to be added to.

Draw paddocks from scanned map

Draw paddocks from updated georeferenced google maps image


Can search and find your farm with address.

Paddock sizes needed reference paddock to work out remainder of paddock sizes.

Paddocks sizes are worked out automatically and accurately once drawn.


Diary Filter allows for quick analysis of Diary Entries.

Cashbook delete one entry at a time

Cashbook allows for multiple deletions at a time

Auto analyses imported transactions

Auto analyses transactions the instant they are imported. 

Exporting to PDF requires user input

Reports saved as PDF automatically

Cashbook entries in entry order were difficult to reconcile with bank statement.  Cashbook entries ordered by Date Automatically to recreate exact match with Bank Statement, including a running balance.
Running balance dissappears when ordering by other heading Runnng balance shows all the time.
Good management reports Reports made more flexible with options to include or exclude GST and sub headings. Also a new look and feel