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Student loan not calculating correctly

Question : When you do a pay for a person with a student loan, it is not calculating correctly.

Option 1 : Delete the Student Loan deduction, then add again.

Option 2 : Check the student loan rates in the setup.


Not allowing me to log out

Sometime the logout button does not work

  • to fix this, click on the home button then try and logout again.

Cannot create Tax Entity

We currently don't allow multiple tax entities, but will do in the future.

we recommend that you use one Tax Entity per dataset for GST purposes.

Edit transacton shows this error

When you try and edit a newly imported transaction and you get this error-





Go into the Setup and turn on the Unallocated heading to say Show in Cashbook

Installing Landmark (offline)

Here are the instructions below on how to download and install Landmark 2007 from the internet.

Step 1: Download the file by clicking the link below.

Step 2: Unzip the folder.

Step 3: Run setup from unzipped folder.

Step 4: Install landmark

Codes are as follows:
Username: <<Farm Name>>
Key: <<Key Code>>
Program : <<Program Type>>

Step 5: Once finished, restart Computer

Step 6: To Install the Service Packs, please download and install the updates in order from here.
(to check your bit version of windows click here)


Step 7: Restart the computer

Step 8: If you have data to restore please give us a call on 0800 617 788

Landmark (Offline) Service Packs

To Install the service packs, follow instructions below


FOR 32bit Computers

Service Pack 10 FULL

Service Pack 11

Service Pack 12

Service Pack 13


FOR 64bit Computers

Service Pack 10 FULL (64)

Service Pack 11 (64)

Service Pack 12 (64)

Service Pack 13 (64)


If you use Wagebook please install one of these updates (depending on your computer).

Service Pack for ESCT

Service Pack for ESCT (64)  - for 64 bit computers





Landmark (Offline) PDF won't export

Install the following file




If asked use pw as the password