How to Import Bank Statements

This feature has the potential to save considerable time and frustration in the day-to-day task of entering cashbook transactions. You only need to do it once to get the hang of it, though you can always refer to these instructions again.

If you have already entered a transaction into the Cashbook manually and it is then downloaded again in a bank statement, you may need to check that it hasn't been added twice.

Bank Formats

These are the formats that our program imports from the various banks:




* 4 digit year

** 7 and above

+ in development

~ use standard quicken to import


Downloading from bank


There are different ways to download the statement from your internet banking site. Please check with the bank if you do not know how to do this.


Importing into program

To import into the program:


  1. Select the bank account you want to import the statement into.
  2. Select the Import button at the bottom of the bank.
  3. Select the details you want to import.

    Import Format - the format of the downloaded bank statement
    Select File - to select the file you downloaded
    Statement Number - assigns the transactions to a statement number after importing
    Bank - bank account you want to import the transactions into
  4. Click on the Import button.
  5. A window will come up with the results of the import. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click OK.
Once imported, the transactions will need to be analysed. A  symbol will show beside the transactions.
Some will already be analysed, depending on whether you have setup automatic transaction analysis or not.



Demo downloads

Here are some example downloads for showing the importing of the iAgri Online

Please download one to your computer and use the Import function explained here


If you use ANZ Qif format when importing


June 2013 - download

July 2013 - download

August 2013 - download

September 2013 - download

October 2013 - download

November 2013 - download

December 2013 - download

January 2014 - download

Febuary 2014 - download

March 2014 - download

April 2014 - download

May 2014 - download

June 2014 - download

July 2014 - download