How to Receipt invoices


Receipting an invoice

  1. Click on the Receipts button.
  2. Fill in the details of what you want to receipt.

    Invoice Account - account the invoice is in.
    Debtors - person you are receipting the invoice for.
    Invoices - invoice you are receipting; you can select all to receipt multiple invoices.
    Remaining - amount remaining to be payed - calculates automatically.
    Amount Received - amount the payment was for.
    Date Received - date of payment.
    Reference - can put a reference note in (optional).
    Bank Account - bank account the payment goes into.
    Include entry in bank account - tick this if you want the receipt placed into the above bank account.
  3. Select the Receipt button.
  4. Answer the next question on whether you want to print a receipt.
The transaction will be put into the designated bank account. You may want to delete this amount or the amount that comes in from the bank import.


Receipting a partial payment

Repeat the above steps.


  1. Select the invoice the partial payment is for.
  2. Enter the partial amount in the amount recieved box.
  3. Complete the following steps.
Once receipted, the invoice will still exist in the invoice module as unpaid. However, you will notice the "Amount Outstanding" will have changed to a new amount.