How to use the Budget Season


You may need to change the Interest on overdraft & Overdraft limit. View the Setup Budgets page to do this.

Opening the budget

You can open the Budget in one of two ways.


Either click on the Budget button on the main Dashboard Page:


or select Budget in the Modules menu.


Changing to another season


The budget will always default to the latest season.


Select the Season you want to open and select the Open Season button.

Using the budget season buttons


Copy Data - allows you to copy either actual or budget figures to the selected season

Create Season - creates a new season

Open Season - opens the currectly selected season

Edit Season - allows you to setup various details about the currently selected season


Create a new season

  1. Click on the Create Season button.
  2. Read the message that comes up.
  3. Click OK.

Edit a Season

  1. Select the season you want to change details for.
  2. Select the Edit Season button.
  3. Change the Opening Balance or Start month of season.
  4. Click Save.