Using the Stock Reconciliation


The Stock Reconcilition is used to keep a record of the Stock on Hand and useful for the end of year to produce reports for you and your accountant.


Once you have setup your stock in the previous section

  • you can add Stock reconciliation records as the year progressors
    • Either use the Quick Stock Reconciliation (allows you to add in one record that breaks down into the specific activities quickly)
    • OR add more detailed stock activities individually


Activities that effect the Current Balance of Stock


Increases the number in the mob

  • Births (Mob)
  • Others In (Mob)
  • Purchases
  • Transers In (Mob)


Reduces the number in the mob

  • Deaths (Mob)
  • Meat Sheep
  • Meat Cattle
  • Meat Deer
  • Missing (Mob)
  • Others out (Mob)
  • Sales (Mob)
  • Transfers Out (Mob)