How to Use the Cashbook


The first thing you need to do is setup the bank account(s) (explained in the Setup Banks page)


Changing the Opening balance of bank accounts.

to change the opening balance of a bank account, please goto the Setup/Bank Accounts tab and edit the bank account details.


Opening the cashbook


You can open the cashbook one of two ways.


Either click on the Cashbook button on the main Dashboard Page


or select the Cashbook in the Modules menu item.


Changing to another bank

You can have many bank accounts. The bank dropdown list always defaults to the first bank account in the list. This list is 
ordered alphabetically or numerically.


TIP: You can order or re-order the Bank Dropdown list to suit your requirements by inserting a number in front of      the bank name, e.g. 1-National Bank   2-ANZ   3-Bank of New Zealand

To add/edit a bank account click here.



  1. Select the bank account you want from the Bank Selector drop down menu.
  2. Select the 'From Date' and 'To Date' from the date selectors.
    (If you select the  calender button, it will give you a calender to select the date from.)
  3. Click OK.


Using the cashbook buttons


Add - allows you to add a new transaction (if you prefer not to import)

Transfer Selected - allows you to transfer the selected transaction to another bank account within the program

Delete Selected - allows you to delete the selected transaction. You can delete multiple transactions by using either the Shift or Ctrl buttons on your keyboard to select the transactions you want to delete

Import - allows for imports from an external file (either a downloaded bank statement or another program)


Balances explained

This is found at the bottom of the Banks page.



Calculated Total - the total of the bank account

Reconciled Balance - the total of all the transactions that have been reconciled

 A transaction is not reconciled if it has a flag beside it. The balance b/f cannot be edited.

Reasons why a transaction is not reconciled:

  • It has not been assigned to a page number.
  • It has not been assigned to a heading.

Difference - the difference between the Calculated Total & the Reconciled Balance.