Using the Feed budget




To find out whether there will be a feed surplus or deficit, you need to know both:


Feed Supply - how much feed is going to be available

Feed Demand - how much feed the stock are going to consume

Feed 'units' used in the feed budget calculator are not important so
long as they are the same for both demand and supply, e.g. kgDM or mjME.



Setting up a feed budget

When you create a new feed budget:


  1. Click the Add New Budget button. 
  2. Fill in the details you require.

    Budget Name - name of the feed budget
    Season - season the feed budget is for
    Initial Period Interval - monthly, fortnightly or weekly
    Initial Start Date - when you want the feed budget to start
    Show paddocks on feed supply - allows you to use the paddocks in your map to help populate the feed budget
  3. Click on Add New Budget button to save the budget.


Adding feed supply

Once the feed budget has been created:


  1. Click on the Feed Supply tab at the top of the budget.
  2. Click the Add new record button.
  3. Fill in the details of the supply.

    Feed type - name of the feed type (grass, swedes, etc)
    Paddock Name - select the paddock the feed is going into
    Land Area - the area will come through from the paddock area in the map
    Totals Only - Tick if the all of that feed type is to be supplied at one time, e.g. hay, supplementary feed, feed crops fed ‘in situ’
                          Un-tick if the feed is self replenishing, e.g. pasture
    Available Feed - the total amount of feed that you currently have on hand for the feed type or paddock
  4. Fill in the monthly amounts of feed growth for the period selected.

  5. Click on Tick to Save.


Creating stock profiles

When entering feed demand, it is good to start by adding in the stock profiles.


Stock listed in the Stock Profiles comes from the stock in the Diary module.


  1. Open the Feed Demand tab in the feed budget.
  2. Click on feed Profiles button.
  3. Click on the pencil beside the stock you want to create a feed profile for.
  4. Fill in the amount of feed the stock will consume in the period selected (per day); refer to Stock Units Help.

  5. Close the Profiles window.


Adding in the feed demand

Once you have created the stock profiles (as per the previous step) you are ready to add in when the stock are going to be on the farm.


  1. Select the Feed Demand tab in the feed budget.
  2. Click on Add new record button.
  3. In the columns, enter only the number of animals that will be purchased or sold in each month (not the total stock-on-hand for each month).
    If you are selling animals enter a minus sign (-) in front of the number of stock sold.

    Stock Mob Name - select the mob from the drop down menu
    Opening Balance - amount of stock on the farm already at the beginning of the budget period
    Date (ie: 01 Jan 13) - movment of animals, i.e. whether you buy or sell animals for the period selected
  4. Save by selecting the tick button.