Using the Map

Opening the map module

You can open the map module one of two ways.



Either click on the Map Button on the main Dashboard Page


Or select the Map in the Modules menu item.



Using the map controls




Allows you to navigate east, west, north & south on the map


You can also use the mouse left button  to navigate the map



Allows you to zoom in and out of the map.


You can also use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Map Layers


  • Map - shows a map layout of the map
    • Terrain - gives you a terrain view of the map (may need to be zoomed out to use)
  • Satellite - a satellite view of the map
    • Labels - gives you labels on the map, such as road names and towns


Centre Map

If you get lost on the map, you can select the Fit All button to take you back to the centre of your map.



Go To Address

When you are first drawing your map, you can type your address into the box and hit the "Go to address" button to let Google navigate to your address.


Paddock Size


Works out the area, based on the paddock as it is drawn.