It is important to record difficult calvings, even just milk fever, so that the cow can be identified and targeted for future treatment or management to ensure the cow recovers as quickly as possible to maximise production and re-production.

For a difficult calving click on the "Complications" button in the "Add Individual" screen where all calvings are added.


Here you can add;

  1. Level of Assistance. We have 3 options, Milk Fever, Farmer Assistance and Vet Assistance. Each one gives a guide to the seriousness of the calving difficulty.
  2. Diagnosis. This is the actual problem eg. Breech, Big Calf, Twins etc.. We will explain how you can add your own options in a later help topic.
  3. Treatment. Select from the list of treatments. More can be added which will be covered in a later help topic.
  4. Body Condition Score. It is very important that this is noted down as the cow condition can then be tracked on our BCS app. If BCS loss is more than ideal this can be identified early and appropriate management decisions can be made to minimise the ongoing production and re-production costs stemming from the difficult calving. Identifying the actual BCS loss will be impossible without recording the BCS at the time of the calving difficulty.
  5. I can't emphasise enough the importance of recording BCS scores so that they can be used as an early identification of health problems and can assist in targeted management decisions which will help to enhance profitability. To this end we have developed a quick and efficient BCS app which I would recommend using on a monthly basis. Early detection of cows that are struggling in the system is vital.