How to Use Budget page

In this page you can import income and expenses for your farm .


For creating a new budget click on Add icon as it shown by red circle at the above image.

In the new window enter the Name of your budget and tick the Actual box if it is actual budget otherwise, it will be save as a projected budget. In the below example we created a new actual budget and call it Test_budget.


Now if you click on the drop down box ( as shown below) you can select the budget that you created which is Test_budget in this example.



Add Budget

Now you can add header to your budget which is income or expenses. Click Add Header button(it is shown by yellow circle at the first image)new window pops up, at the first drop down list select your header which can be income or expenses. If this header is the main header at the second drop down list(Parent drop down) select No Parent item and at the name box input the name of the header then select save. Now, for adding sub header to this header again select Add Header button, select header type and at the Parent drop down list find the name of header you previously made. Then input name for subheader in the Name box and press save. This subheader comes below of its parent header.(in the first image, an example of main header and its subheaders show by blue circles)


Copy Budget

You can copy headers of other budget to your budget. Click on Copy Headers button at the coming window select budget that you want to copy its headers to your budget.


Delete Budget

Next to plus symbol there is delete symbol if you click on it, at the coming window you can select the budget that you want to delete.


Add Value to Table

To add value to Income or Expenses double click to the cell and enter the value then press enter as shown below.



Total Values


 The graph on the top of this page make a comparison between actual and projected budget. You can select your desire actual and projected budget from Select Actual and Select Projected drop down box on top up the graph.