Use this page to connect iAgri to CIS API

By connecting to this API you can import animal information and milk report from CIS to iAgri

For connecting to CIS you need to know your CIS Herd No. Meanwhile to add your herds to the list of herds available to iAgri via the API, you need to consent to sharing data with iAgri.This is done via a paper based consent form filled in by you, and sent to CIS. Now if you input your CIS herd No then press Connect to CIS button, you will connect to CIS API and the information of your animals and milk report will be imported on iAgri platform. If you go to Animals-Main page you can find list of your animals here. Also in Animals-Milk Production page you see the milk report for each animal.

How to unistall CIS app

If you want to uninstall this app, at the top of the page click on setting button as it shown below


Then you come to the below page click on uninstall application button. This app will be uninstalled and back to the market table on the mange page.