Identified Hazards


There are two types of hazards.

General Hazard

Environmental Hazard


Add Identified Hazard

Adding Hazard
  1. Click on the plus sign on the right hand side of the Identified Hazard box
  2. Fill in the basic details as to what the hazard is (You can add more details in once it is saved and you click on it again.)
  3. Click Save button


You can also add a Hazard in with the Map Module under Health Safety & Compliance more here


Edit the Identified Hazard more detail in
  1. Once you have clicked the save button, it will allow you to add more details in, if it does not then:
  2. Click on the incident itself or the spanner to the right of the hazard


Deleting an Identified Hazard
  1. Click on the rubbish bin beside the hazard you want to remove