The farm map and the paddocks therein are essential to the functioning of the farm program. Apart from the obvious benefits of a farm map for reference.



1 - Layer to draw - select the layer you want to draw item into.

2 - Save button

3 - Find Address - used to find your farm using your address.

4 - Zoom - to better see your farm

5 - Print Map - allows you to print off the map


  • adding to or changing various components on the map, e.g. drains, fences, buildings (refer to adding other features)
  • adding, changing or removing any features or objects that you wish to have on your map. E.g. using your mouse you can lay a new water line, add new buildings. (refer to adding other features)


It is important that this feature is correctly set up before the rest of the program is used, otherwise some of the results may be wrong, e.g. incorrect paddock sizes can cause problems.


Get Started: Drawing your paddock