How to use milk production page

Here you can record milk report for either herd or individual animals

Before to use this page you need to create your mobs and add your animals in animal page. (Please go to animal page to see how to do that)

As it shown below please select animal then select milk production. Now you are in milk production page


At the right side of the page there are two symbols; plus which is shown by red circle and upload which is shown by yellow circle.


If you want to add milk record for specific herd click on plus symbol at the right side of the page. When you click on plus symbol the below page open for you. Here you can add milk data like fat, protein,etc. for specific date and herd. At the first box you can add date and the last drop down shows the list of your mobs. Select this drop down then select the mob and finally select save button.


After enter milk data you can see your record and its graph as shown below but first you need to select date at the right side of the below image and herd at the left side of the page, now you can see your record< the/p>

At the top right side of the below image there is a drop down list, if you select each data the graph will be change and shows values of that data.


You can upload your NMRYIELDS and lactation report files in this page. At the top of the page click on upload button(In second image it is shown by yellow circle, close to plus symbol) the below image open for you. If you click on the first drop down there are two options. If you want to upload NMRYIELDS[14627] file select NMRYIELDS[14627], but if you want to upload lactation report file select lactation report. Then at the second box click on browse button and find your NMRYIELDS[14627] file or lactation report file from your computer, select file from your computer then select open. Now at the last drop down list select your mob(it means you import NMRYIELD data or lactation report data for this mob). finally click on import button, a pop up message comes up which shows you imported data successfully, now click OK


At the second table of this page you can add milk report for each animal. At the left side of the below image (SEARCH ANIMAL) first search the name of animala, here you need to know the name of animal to can search it, you should type the name of animal in the search animal section then select it. Now select plus symbol at the right side of the below image. Record Data window will be open. Fill the boxes and at the end click on save button. you can see data on the table also on the graph.