Here you can connect to your xero account and transfer data from xero to iAgri.

At the connect section first set you schedule task (as it shown below). schedule task is a dro down list click on it and choose your desire time. It means you will connect to your xero account during this time span.For example if you select daily, you will connect to xero for one day. after selecting the time a pop up windows comes up which shows it sets the time for you, click on OK. Now click on connect button then you go to xero login page. Input your user name and password here(Xero provides user name and password for you) after that you automatically back to iAgri page and recieve connected message.Now you can import your desire information to iAgri platform.



For import your transactions from xero to iAgri click on import button at import transactions sections

For import your accounts from xero to iAgri click on import button at import accounts sections

For export your transactions from iAgri to xero click on push transaction button at push transactions sections

If you want to uninstall xero (you regret to connect xero from iAgri) at the top of the page click on setting button as it shown below


Then you come to the below page click on uninstall application button. Xero app will be uninstalled and back to the market table on the mange page.