What is a Budget?

The Budget is designed to work the same way a farmer thinks and actually plans. It is significantly different from other budgeting software.


Some farmers prepare a budget simply because 'the bank wants one'; others use it as a very important part of their planning. With this software, we cater for both preferences.


Standard - spreadsheet type, 12 month cashflow budget.

Advanced - gross margin based, season budget.


The Budget is used to plan:

  • what will earn the most profit.
  • when cash is going to appear or disappear (cashflow).
  • when work is going to be done (workflow).


As a farmer, deciding which crop to grow or type of stock to run is based on which potential income source has the best net return, or GROSS MARGIN.


Each Gross Margin is made up of:

  Direct Income
less Direct Costs







Get started: Setting up the Budget