Feed Bugdeting


The FEED section is a very simple-to-use feed supply/feed demand calculator.


The use of a computer to help calculate feed supply and demand is not to everyone’s liking. Most of us are quite happy using eye appraisal and gut feeling to reconcile our likely feed supply and the number of stock that you can carry.


Many of the computerised feed budgeting systems that we have seen are very difficult to use because they either go into too much detail or are not flexible enough to meet each farmer’s individual needs.


In this programme there are a number of features that allow you to alter the settings to your liking:

·    multiple feed budget scenarios

·    variable periods – weekly, fortnightly or monthly

·    paddock-based budgets or feed type-based budgets


In other words, this feed calculator is dynamic: as you increase or decrease feed supply figures, or increase or decrease numbers of stock on hand, the graph on the Feed Total tab will alter automatically and immediately.


Get Started: Using the Feed Budget