The farm map and the paddocks therein are essential to the functioning of the farm program. Apart from the obvious benefits of a farm map for reference, both the budgeting and the recording of farm activities (Diary) depend on it.

The paddock names are used in many places throughout the program.

Without the map or plan you are limited to using only those parts of the software that are not production-related, such as the cashbook.

More than one farm map can be drawn on the same sheet if they are all part of the one enterprise, although we would recommend each farm have a separate data set. Creating a map requires some patience and diligence, but it only has to be done the once. Remember anything you do or any fine tuning can be edited later.

Using the Map Controls
Drawing a Paddock

The MAP Module is used for:

  • entering set paddock information:
    Name the name of the paddock
    Size the size of the paddock; shows a recommended size at the bottom of the map
    pH the soil pH
    Soil Type type of the soil
    Details any notes or details you want to record for the paddock
    Slope slope of the terrain
    Problem Area any areas that could be problems within the paddock
  • adding to or changing various components on the map, e.g. drains, fences, buildings, paddocks, etc (Coming Soon)
  • adding, changing or removing any features or objects that you wish to have on your map. E.g. using your mouse you can subdivide paddocks, lay a new water line, add new buildings, etc (Coming Soon)


It is important that this feature is correctly set up before the rest of the program is used, otherwise some of the results may be wrong, e.g. incorrect paddock sizes can cause problems.


Get Started: Using the Map