The reporting module has a comprehensive list of reports that can extract information you have already put into the website and put it into a particular format or layout.


Report Categories
Different browsers download files in a different way.
Click here to see how to change some of these settings.



Opening the Reports Module


You can open the reports one of two ways.


Either click on the Reports Button on the main Dashboard Page



Or select the specific section in the Reports menu item.



Understanding the Reports


On the left, the sections of reports.

On the right, reports ready to be selected.


Opening a report


  1. Select the section you want to report on.
  2. Double click on the report you want to view.
  3. Answer the question in the following screen.
  4. Select the View Report button.
Depending on your browser, your report will either show up straight away or ask you a question about downloading it.
You can change download defaults easily; they are explained here.